Aeroklas Co.Ltd is the world leading manufacturer of automotive parts and accessories with product designs and development under Aeroklas' patents. Aeroklas's automotive parts and accessories are used for decoration and supplement to enhance efficient use of pick-up trucks. Aeroklas's product is distributed in both domestic and international market under the brand "Aeroklas".

Aeroklas has wide ranges of parts and accessories for pickup truck and passenger car including automotive parts for agricultural vehicle and multipurpose plastic sheets used in agricultural business.

Aeroklas has 3 manufacturing bases located in Thailand China and Malaysia. However, the main manufacturing base remains in Thailand at IPP Industrial Estate, NikomPattana district, Rayong, and the manufacturing base in China is established in Shanghai, while the oversea subsidiaries in USA and Australia are delegated as distribution centers for its own territory and neighboring countries.



  • Product Design and Development Department

At Aeroklas we never stop innovating to meet the demands of the automobile industry. We devote our time and pay attention to every detail in creating new innovative auto accessories. Our skill in design has been recognized by the "Prime Minister's Export Award for Best Design." 

  • Product Research and Development Department

This vital department helps develop new materials and production processes for the manufacturing of innovative new products. Aeroklas is the world's first manufacturer of an ABS double shell canopy. Our modern factory utilized advanced technology throughout the facility and the production processes are automated to world class standards. You can have confidence in ARK's ability to develop products from initial concept through to mass production.