Bull bar

Bull bar: choose the right protection for your vehicle

The bull bar has the utility of protecting from any possible impact the mechanical elements of your off-road vehicle such as radiator and some steering parts. Thanks to this accessory, you can infact safeguard your car's bodywork.

In our website you can find bull bar for the offroad you prefer. All made of stainless steel, they differ for dimensions and finishing: you can choose between shiny, matt, or black edition version. Our bull bars are fixed directly on the chassis with specific brackets and you'll receive it together with specific european omologation certificate (CE). Vehicles registered before 2005 don't require this certificate.

Bull bars, in addition to having a fundamental protective function, complement your off-road attitide with impeccable fashion.We propose the best bull bars suitable for any car brand such as Nissan, Chevrolet, Dahiatsu, Fiat and many others.

ATTENTION: Not always compatible with parking sensors and anti-collision system.